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Marshall County (9-3) will make the trip to Coffee County to face Tullahoma (10-1) in the first round of the state semifinals on Friday, November 3. The Wildcats are back in the lead - the entire Tennessee high school football team from the region that was eliminated from the region's OOMs in a state semifinal on the line for a berth. Marshall County's 2021 team is led by the nation's number one wide receiver, Barion Brown, who holds the record for the most touchdowns in state history with 22.

Big things are expected of emerging junior Jayden Hart, who has made a stellar appearance in his senior season. Davis finished second in the state last year with a career high 1,000yard season and a school record with 14 touchdowns.

Este finished the campaign with 6-of-9 field goals, a long 50-yard run and all six attempts with extra points.

The opening drive would be the highlight of the night for the Tigers, who shot past the Marshall County visitors in a game in which the Wildcats dominated the game. Running back Demari Braden was held to just 35 yards on the ground while senior running backs Connor Hilton (who hadn't tallied a carry since mid-season) and Thomas Scott combined for seven consecutive touchdowns for a touchdown on the Tigers' only touchdown night. The Tigers broke Tullahomme's shutout with seven minutes left when Hilton put the team on the back foot with a 22-yard touchdown run that culminated in the first touchdown of his career. One - two threats Thomas and Scott combined for more yards per carry than the rest of their teams combined.

Scott threw for 58 yards on eight rushing attempts and Tullahoma finished the game with just 206 yards, but the Wildcats' defense held the Tigers to just 39 yards total in the first half alone. The Tigers defense limited the Tigers' star quarterback, Bryson Hammons, to just 26 yards through the air, including an interception that returned Wildcats defensive lineman Jaylin Newsome for a 4-yard hit. Tullaoma quarterback Ryan Scott rushed for 42 yards (2 of 4 attempts) and an interception by the Tigers defensive line, while Scott sank the only touchdown pass to Hilton.

The Wildcats set the tone early, going 7-0 on a nine-point play that culminated with a 3-yard touchdown jump. The Tigers looked strong early in the second half, with the Hammons orchestrating a faltering drive in which Marshall County turned the ball over on the opposite side.

The Tigers dropped out of the second round of the playoffs after a 16-14 loss to Marshall County in their last championship game. Friday's match will be the Wildcats' second encounter with Tullahoma since the 2018 match-up, where the underdog, fourth-seeded Tigers took the game into the final minutes in a 12-7 win and the state quarterfinals. This time, though, it could have a big impact, as the Tigers had a seven-point lead with 10 minutes to go but Marshall County would hold off the Tullaoma return match for the quarterfinals.

Demari Braden, who has cemented his role in the middle of the 2020 season, will enter his second year as a quarterback after having one of the best storming seasons of his career, leading a team with 54 points. Three-year starter Bryson Hammons returns to throw for a junior run - dominant offense, but all eyes will be on the emerging senior Devonte Davis as the junior two-way has evolved into both a leader in defense and a viable offensive threat in 2020.

The Tigers are losing everything from linebacker Christian Stacey, who led Marshall County in tackles, tackles for tackles, sacks, interceptions and pass breakups last season, to his senior season. The defense will also bid farewell to Logan Jones, Logan Hayden and Kaden Smith, two of Tennessee State's best defensive players. But the heaviest loss will come with the departure of defensive coordinator D.J. Smith.

The Tullahoma Wildcat Football Team will be ranked 4A, all other teams in all sports will be ranked 3A. Regions 5 - 4a will be very different this year, with Spring Hill and Nolensville moving up to 5A, Maplewood also moving up to 3A, leaving only Tullaoma and Lawrence County in the old regions 4-and-4A, and the new region going into its first year of its own.

In the 1930s and mid-20th century, the area benefited from significant federal investment and development. Tennessee Valley Authority projects built dams and related facilities to generate hydropower during the Great Depression, electrify many rural areas, and create needed jobs. The presence of the AEDC Space Institute, coupled with the state's first high school, Tennessee State University, also spawned a small but thriving aviation industry. Later, our state established two colleges here: the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and Tullahoma College. Worthwhile gloves were also popular with NASCAR pit crews, so the company continued to experiment with glove materials.

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