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The Christmas celebration in the town of Clarksville, Cumberland, is poised to create lasting memories for thousands who will experience a fascinating light show with over a million lights as they drive through historic downtown on their way to the Tennessee State Fair.

The Festival of Lights is a spectacular light show that families can experience together. You can put your family in the car and drive to see the Christmas lights, characters and more, or you can let someone else drive and watch the Christmas adverts. Take a tour of the area's lights and ride a 2-mile hard-to-reach trail to get in the spirit of the season. Or join in and let the Christmas lights of your car shine while you drive and see for yourself.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the season at Cheekwood and get stuck into the holiday memories with fun activities for all ages.

The City of Franklin Parks Department is hosting a festive Christmas drive - at Cheekwood Park. Together we will create the first of many festive rides through the city's parks during the Christmas season.

Save your trip for the evening when the weather is dry, rain can be very damaging to your display. Because most, if not all, displays don't light up when it rains, so save it for an evening.

Chad has added a lot of new things you don't want to miss this year, and we're so happy to be living here because Nashville and Middle Tennessee have the BEST Christmas lights! From a mile of bright lights in the garden to one of the most beautiful Christmas trees in Tennessee, this enchanting Holiday LIGHTS experience is Nashville's favorite holiday tradition. You have a real ride - through Santa Claus "house with Santa himself, candy canes to give as gifts, a Christmas wish list to take away.

The family has created a computerised light show with two million lights dancing to music from the radio, so each visit is a new experience. Remixes of holiday classics and festive visuals are optimistic, nostalgic, rhythmically dancing and synchronized, offering a constantly changing view at every turn. Regular screenings detect and ensure normal development and treat many health conditions in people from birth to the age of 21.

All children from birth to 18 years of age can participate, including children under 18, adults over 65, pregnant women and their children. Free flu vaccinations are also available for children and adults of all ages, as well as free vaccinations for all adults.

Clients are advised on a wide range of topics, with a focus on mental health, substance abuse, addiction and mental illness, as well as family and community issues.

Care coordination is ensured to provide families with the care they need, and health officials are working to plan and ensure the ability to respond to health threats and emergencies. We provide necessary and timely information on major communicable diseases and protect the Community from diseases that may harm the public. Our health departments collect and deliver information about diseases in communities and collect data about them to keep communities safe.

Counselling and education are designed to reduce infant mortality, improve nutritional status and provide guidance to those in need of counselling.

Community program coordinators work with the Tullahoma County Department of Health and the Tennessee Department of Health to promote healthy behaviors. Environmental health professionals are able to check the water, air and soil quality of the hotels and the health and safety of the guests.

Dental hygienists and dental assistants work with schools to educate about the importance of dental hygiene and the care of children and their teeth. Children in need of dental care can be referred to clinics via health authorities in the region.

Social workers and public health nurses visit families whose children may be at risk from medical or developmental problems. Children who already have experience with mental health problems such as autism, autism spectrum disorders and developmental delays are offered a variety of health services, from physical therapy to occupational therapy and speech therapy.

London Lights is a non-profit organisation that provides a beautiful Christmas light to help children with special medical needs and families who are financially unable to provide the care they need to find family resources. This is probably because they are putting up a ton of houses in the city for a big light show that is not so big that it gets all the media attention. London Lights helps families with children and adults with disabilities, as well as those who have special medical needs themselves or whose families are financially unable or unwilling to provide the care they need.

The city of Mt. Juliet is encouraging residents and businesses to bring the lights of joy to Mt. Juliet with a new city lights competition this Christmas season.

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